What is audio mastering?

Basically, audio mastering may be understood as a final creative revision of a musical piece. Any professional publication needs to be mastered before being sent to the pressing plant in order to be reproduced. The aim of a good mastering is to optimise music for as many playback devices as possible. Aside from relocating energies in order to produce an linear frequency response, equalising, removing noise interferences, editing the stereo signal, as well as ensuring the mono compatibility and transmitting capability, are part of an audio mastering process. These factors will be examined thoroughly in our studios. Your music will be adjusted to equivalent productions with regard to the dynamic and the loudness. Additionally, the aesthetic approach of your production may be perfected.

Concerning this matter, we are very interested in your preferences and aim at producing the best possible result. Audio restoration, i. e. deleting noise interferences, artefacts or jitter, is also part of our services. We use various tools, such as equalisers (filters with a high Q), compressors and limiters, which can be used for editing the dynamic, as well as psychoacoustic processors, dithering and audio effects. High-quality mastering is reliant on the engineers’ experiences, objectivity and listening skills. First-class equipment guarantees lossless signal processing while digital techniques, as well analogue mastering processors, create the necessary warmth and brilliance. We know that you have put a lot of effort and love into your tracks. Our audio mastering will make the listener realise this and give you the best possible result.

What is stem mastering?

When stem mastering, the mix is modified in order to improve the overall appearance of your production. The aim of stem mastering is to remove noise interferences or to relocate energies, respectively, without altering or affecting the sonic properties of all musical instruments. Recording mistakes may be corrected more precisely while the audio material itself remains unchanged. If your are not satisfied with a mix, simply send us single tracks or groups of tracks. After listening to your tracks, we might also recommend groups. Since there are numerous possibilities of stem mastering, please describe your ideas about the mix. We understand changing the ratio between sound intensities, utilising EQs and compressors or editing the dynamic as a means of artistic expression and would like to correspond to your sound-wise concepts. Please also show us some reference pieces if you like. The amount of time needed for mastering your tracks may differ and is dependent on the material and your needs. Our services include customer advice, tips and aiding you with the mix.