Service overview

Mastering Berlin finalises and refines your music for all media.  We are aware that every production is different and is reliant upon undivided attention. You will see that we will take care of your ideas and wishes.

  • Mastering
  • Stem mastering
  • Audio mix & sound advice
  • Analogue summing
  • Audio restauration
  • Online mastering
  • DDP export

Mastering prices

You do not pay our working hours, but a fixed price per mastered track.

      Quantity             Price|Quantity

1 – 3                      50 €
4 – 7                      45 €
8 – x                      40 €

What is online mastering?

When choosing the online mastering option instead of the attended studio mastering option you may simply upload your music files and you will receive the refined tracks 24 hours days later. You can then listen to the tracks on your own audio systems and have the possibility to request changes. Use our server or one of the numerous data transfer services, such as WeTransfer, in order to comfortably upload your files. If required, we will provide 16 bit WAV or AIFF as well as MP3 audio files for digital downloads.

How should I provide my audio data?

1. Please send us a data CD or upload your WAV or AIFF files. If possible, use a high bit depth (24 bit).

2. Please do not use sum EQs, compressors/limiters or similar audio processors that have an impact on the phase or dynamic level of the track.

3. Please make sure that the peak amplitude is lower or equal to -3 dB.

If you want us to realise your specific artistic vision, do not hesitate to contact us. Our studios provide the perfect environment and equipment for producing diverse and individual results. We look forward to hearing from you and would love to impress you with a test mastering.